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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy


  • Can an order be shipped to my FedEx account so I can save on shipping?

Due to the high volume of orders, we process daily, we are unable to use our customers' shipping account numbers.

  • Can I pick up my order?

All orders placed through will be shipped to their destination via a commercial carrier. For safety, insurance, and logistical reasons, customers cannot pick up orders from our warehouses nor vendor locations. You select the address you want the product shipped to. 

  • Can I request that my order be delivered at a certain time?

We cannot guarantee that every carrier can deliver by a certain time.  With some carriers such as DHL, FedEx, and other major carriers once we provide you the tracking number, you can specify with the carrier the delivery time.

If the carrier misses the delivery appointment, they will reschedule it. If you are unavailable to accept your delivery during the scheduled appointment, you may be responsible for any redelivery fees owed to the carrier. Most carriers may charge additional fees that may apply if you require a time-specific delivery.

  • Can I ship orders to multiple addresses?

If you are registered with us and have multiple shipping addresses saved to your account, you can ship full orders to multiple addresses by placing separate orders for each product. Simply proceed through our secure checkout and place each order separately specifying which address you want the delivery made to.

  • Do I need a liftgate for my shipment?

We are not responsible for liftgates or truck onloads. Some products are small, and others are large. Some items like large outdoor ice merchandisers or very long pizza prep tables may be too large or heavy for a lift gate and will require a truck-level loading dock. This is not our responsibility. Once the product is shipped, the way you handle the product once it arrives at your location is your responsibility.

  • Do you ship internationally?

No! Currently, we are just shipping to the U.S. If you are in another country, you can have your product shipped to a person, freight forwarding agent, or delivery company in the U.S. and make international shipping arrangements with them.

  • Do you ship to commercial limited access addresses?

No.  We only ship to the address you place on the order preferably a commercial establishment, warehouse, restaurant, physical location and even home addresses.

  • Do you ship to PO or APO/FPO boxes?

We are unable to ship to PO or APO/FPO boxes, or Via box at this time. All carriers require a street address to complete the delivery of your order. If a shipping carrier deems your address inaccessible for delivery, they will make the final delivery at the closest shipping terminal or return the shipment to us.

  • How can I save on shipping?

We know you want your products delivered in perfect condition as fast as possible, so we invest in distribution to be the fastest, most reliable shipper in the industry. Whether you're buying for a large franchise, a small business, or your own personal needs, you are saving on product cost. Our products usually are priced below other competitors.  Our prices already include shipping cost. The discount prices we offer have already built in the shipping costs.

  • How much will it cost to ship my order?

The cost is built into the price.  You do not have to worry about shipping cost, unless you want to pay for extra shipping cost to have it delivered faster to you.

Certain large and/or heavy items will be shipped via a common carrier service. Usually, items shipped from the U.S. will utilize a major U.S. carrier like DHL, Fedex or UPS. International shipments may use these carrier and other carriers. You will be notified once the order is processed the name of the carrier and tracking number.

  • I live in a country you don’t ship to. Can I still order from you?

Yes, we can ship to U.S. based freight forwarders for customers wishing to export their items to a country we do not currently ship to. You would be responsible for contacting the freight forwarder to set up an account before placing an order. Freight forwarders will charge additional fees for their services. Any duties, taxes, or fees from your forwarder are separate from our shipping and handling charges.

  • I operate a business from my home; can I still receive my order?

Commercial carriers will deliver most of our products to a residential shipping address. We will deliver to the address you input in the Check Out.

  • Item(s) in my common carrier order were damaged. What should I do?

If any part of your order is damaged or missing, please contact one of our Customer Solutions Specialists within 3 business day of receiving your order so we can find a solution for you.

If any item or packaging is damaged or missing, or if you have any doubt about possible damage, you MUST do the following:

  • Note it clearly on the delivery receipt before signing

  • Keep your copy of the delivery receipt

  • Contact us within 1 business day

  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection

  • Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging

Though our warehouses give great attention to packaging every order for shipment, damage can occur in transit. In the case of damage, we must go to the carrier company to receive reimbursement for these damages. By signing the delivery receipt, you are taking responsibility and ownership for the shipment in the condition noted. If part or all your shipment is damaged and you did not note this in any way on the delivery receipt, we CANNOT guarantee any compensation for damages. Signing the delivery receipt without noting any damage means that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.


  • Item(s) in my ground order were damaged/missing. What should I do?

If any part of your order is missing or damaged, please keep the items and packaging and contact us within 3 business days of receipt so we can find a solution for you. We may request pictures of the damage to help with this process.

  • My order shows it was delivered but never arrived. What do I do?

There are rare occasions where our freight carriers may lose a shipment. In these situations, it’s our highest priority to find your items and we will work with the carrier to do so. If your order shows it was delivered but never arrived, please contact us within 5 days of the listed delivery date. Once notified, we will take appropriate measures to locate your shipment. Please note dock checks with the carrier may take 3-7 business days to complete and traces with ground carriers may take 1-3 business days. If your shipment is located, we will continue with delivery to your location. If it is deemed lost, we will work with you to provide a satisfactory resolution.

  • What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder combines shipments for individuals or companies into truckload lots to transport to your final destination/country. We can ship to U.S.-based freight forwarders for customers wishing to export their items; however, the customer would be responsible for contacting the freight forwarder to set up an account before placing an order. Freight forwarders will charge additional fees for their services. Any duties, taxes, or fees from your forwarder are separate from our shipping and handling charges.

If your order is being shipped to a U.S.-based freight forwarder, all of our Shipping Policies apply when it is received in their warehouse. will not be held responsible for any damaged and/or missing items or material differences should the freight forwarder not follow all applicable Shipping and Returns policies, or should such issues occur in shipment from the freight forwarder’s location to the final destination.

  • What is a liftgate?

A liftgate is a motorized platform attached to the back of the truck that will physically lower your order to the ground so that you can take it inside your business or home. The truck driver will place your order on the ground using the liftgate and you are responsible for bringing it inside.

  • What is common carrier shipping?

Common carrier shipping is necessary when an order is too large or heavy to be delivered ground by FedEx. These items will be delivered to your location by tractor-trailer. Standard common carrier delivery is curbside and does not include unloading the merchandise or delivering it inside your location. You are responsible for unloading the items from the back of the truck and bringing the shipment inside your establishment.

  • What shipping methods do you use?

All our smaller, ground orders are shipped with a parcel carrier like FedEx, DHL or UPS for domestic and FedEx and other carriers for international orders. The standard common carrier is curbside delivery, door to door or delivered to the address you placed on the order form on our site.

  • When will I receive my item?

Our warehouses strive to have orders processed and ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Most products ship from one of our warehouses within the U.S. However, since some items will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, delivery times may vary. Common carrier deliveries typically range from 15 to 75 business days for delivery, depending on your proximity to the shipping location. .  Shipping time can range from 15 to 75 days.  We know that you can obtain faster shipping with other companies.  One of the benefits we provide is a lower cost on most of our products versus our competitors. If the manufacturer or product is being shipped from the U.S. shipping time may be 7 to 20 days.  You will see on the product you select where it is being shipped from. It will state U.S., Canada, China, or any other country.   If your delivery time is over a holiday, please add an additional day for delivery. Our warehouses observe the following holidays: Christmas, New Year, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Shipping companies may observe additional holidays. All standard ground delivery times and common carrier shipments are estimates and are not guaranteed.

If you need your order more quickly, please contact. We can offer faster shipping and provide you the shipping cost.

  • Where are you located?

We are located in Orlando, Florida. Most of our items may ship directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse located in the United States, warehouse distribution centers, drop shipping and international manufacturers, to include China.

Return & Exchange Policy


  • Can I return consumables?

We are unable to accept returned consumable products. This allows us to ensure the products are good to use, not tampered with, and have an adequate shelf life.


  • Do you accept returns for defective product?

We will accept returns for defective products only. Please read how do I return an item and what is your return policy. We take measures to prevent fraud from consumers. To claim a defective product, you must take a picture or video at the time it was delivered or when you plug the product or install the product. Most products work with standard plugs (see specifications) of each product for plug types. If it requires installation, we cannot be held liable for an improper installation. If the product was defective at the time it arrived from the carrier, we will determine if it was mishandled by the carrier.  We will take all measures to accept returns for defective products. 

  • How do I return an item?

To create a return, please chat support or email support, include your order number and a the product you want to return.


  • What is your return policy?

With a few exceptions, all regularly stocked products can be returned within 10 days of receipt if the product is unused and in its original packaging. We are unable to accept returns for consumable products and customizable products. Similarly, not all Special-Order products or products shipped directly from the manufacturer (“Drop Ship Products”) can be returned. Any return requests for Special Order or Drop Ship Products must be issued by our Customer Solutions Specialists.


Except for original payments made by wire, Zelle, ACH, or by credit card can be returned. If the manufacturer accepts the product, we will refund 80% of the sales price and refund any shipping costs you inquired to ship back the product.

If you obtained financing to purchase the product, you cannot return the product if it is an equipment finance loan. If it’s an alternative financing program, you can still return the product but you would have a liability with the finance company if you accepted the financing and they funded your business account.  

We take measures to avoid this.  Once you place your order, we send you a confirmation product questionnaire to assure that the product you ordered is the one you wanted to purchase.  If you confirm said questionnaire and the product is the same based on the order number and the information you sent us upon receiving the product to include pictures, we will not honor the claim, refunds, or returns.

  • Do you charge a restocking fee?

A restocking fee is a fee charged to a customer when merchandise is returned for a refund. A restocking fee will be deducted from your return credit to cover the cost of processing the items back into stock. This fee is 20% of the item(s) cost for commercial locations and for residential locations. Example. If the product cost $1,000 and you return it to us for a refund, we would deduct.  You would receive back $800.


  • How do I exchange an item?

We're unable to exchange items.

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