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We are an online retailer that caters to the needs of the food and restaurant industry.  Our goal is to provide you with unbeatable prices on new restaurant equipment and accessories. We represent and distribute U.S. and Chinese manufacturers. Our end prices include shipping and taxes.  Ordering online is fast and simple. You can pay with all major credit cards, Zelle and obtain financing.  Last, we are available for you 24 hours a day. You can interact with us via chat, Facebook messenger, email and via phone. We make it a goal to respond within 24 hours or less.


Just like many of you, we stumped upon this venture.  Our founder, Gil Zapata is a business finance expert.  For many years he has been financing businesses across the U.S.  One of the industries that always requires financing is the food and beverage industry.  In fact, many restaurants, bars, and other food establishments seek funding to purchase equipment. Thereafter, Gil said why not launch an e-commerce site to sell equipment to food establishments. This is how was born.

life at equipbargain
Founder Gil Zapata

Thereafter, Gil got together with his programmer to launch the site.  Also, ambitious college students who wanted to learn about internet marketing and programming joined the team.  During this time, we started forming alliances with restaurant equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and in China. 

Also, one of our goals was to become less expensive than other online retailers by reducing our prices from 10% to over 30%.  How can we achieve this? An e-commerce business should be able to operate from anywhere in the world and cater to any country in the world.  If not, what is the purpose of having an e-commerce business.  Even though our administrative offices are in Orlando, Florida our team works remotely from different parts of the world to include the U.S., Central America, India, and Pakistan.  This is how we can lower our prices.  If we had huge over head costs, we would not be able to achieve the end result for our customer, which is reducing our prices.  This is why we named our company Equip Bargain (  We can bring bargain prices on equipment for your food establishment. 

Last, but not least, we are a U.S. registered company and registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Please see our corporate records.  See Corporate Records. 

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